Relocating – The Real Issues That Movers Face
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Relocating – The Real Issues That Movers Face

Buying, selling, renting and relocating – I've done it all many times over. Because I had one of those careers which meant I had to move every few years, I've lived in nearly every state in Australia more than once. Now retired and settled down, I blog about real estate and the real issues that anyone who is moving comes up against. Full of advice, my blog takes a look at relocating from the point of view of the mover and tries to offer as many insights from my past experiences dealing with lawyers, estate agents, removals firms and other house buyers as possible! Read on if you're moving or thinking about doing so.


Relocating – The Real Issues That Movers Face

  • 4 Tips To Keep Your Cool While Moving During Summer

    17 November 2018

    There are pros and cons for moving house during summer. The upside is that the kids are off school and work is slower than the rest of the year, so it's an ideal time to take annual leave and get yourself settled into your new home before the new year begins. The downside is the summer heat. As someone who has never moved house during summer before, here are four cooling cues to make sure you keep your cool during your next home move.

  • Will Traps Get Rid of the Birds in Your Warehouse?

    29 October 2018

    Your warehouse is a busy hub for your business. Its doors are open all day and, as well as letting your staff come in and out, these doors are access points for local birds. Birds can also come in through small gaps and holes in your walls and roof. While you might not mind the occasional feathered visitor, things can get out of hand pretty quickly. When birds come in, they may settle and nest.

  • Lengthen the Life of Your Stainless-Steel Pull Handles With these Three Easy Maintenance Tips

    2 October 2018

    Stainless steel is an excellent material for external pull handles because it is strong enough to withstand push and pull, corrosion resistant and beautiful. However, this does not mean that stainless steel is entirely maintenance-free. If you chose the grade of the stainless steel and the surface finish right, maintenance would not be too challenging. Knowing proper maintenance procedures also helps keep everything clean and functional for a longer time.

  • The Value of Video Surveillance at Work

    30 September 2018

    The majority of Australians have little faith in video surveillance systems. You can't dispute this fact. Realistically, many people don't like the idea that someone else may be watching them. But in contrast, the purpose of video surveillance is to provide protection and to record details of what has occurred. Moreover, video surveillance allows both defendants and prosecutors to rely on accurate information and not potentially biased testimony. Furthermore, surveillance enables authorised individuals to check out past occurrences while retrieving relevant information that may easily have been ignored.