Relocating – The Real Issues That Movers Face
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Relocating – The Real Issues That Movers Face

Buying, selling, renting and relocating – I've done it all many times over. Because I had one of those careers which meant I had to move every few years, I've lived in nearly every state in Australia more than once. Now retired and settled down, I blog about real estate and the real issues that anyone who is moving comes up against. Full of advice, my blog takes a look at relocating from the point of view of the mover and tries to offer as many insights from my past experiences dealing with lawyers, estate agents, removals firms and other house buyers as possible! Read on if you're moving or thinking about doing so.


Relocating – The Real Issues That Movers Face

  • A Guide On Coworking Spaces

    2 December 2022

    Co-working spaces are one of the recent trends in the real estate sector. As a business owner, you could be conflicted about investing in a co-working space. Below is a piece explaining the benefits of co-working spaces and the considerations to make when renting a co-working space.  The Benefits Of Co-working Spaces Rent is one of the most significant business expenses. However, as your business grows, you need to rent larger spaces which could eat up your profits.