Relocating – The Real Issues That Movers Face
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Relocating – The Real Issues That Movers Face

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Relocating – The Real Issues That Movers Face

Lengthen the Life of Your Stainless-Steel Pull Handles With these Three Easy Maintenance Tips

Eduardo Parker

Stainless steel is an excellent material for external pull handles because it is strong enough to withstand push and pull, corrosion resistant and beautiful. However, this does not mean that stainless steel is entirely maintenance-free. If you chose the grade of the stainless steel and the surface finish right, maintenance would not be too challenging. Knowing proper maintenance procedures also helps keep everything clean and functional for a longer time.

Cleaning method

Stainless steel door parts are easy to clean. You can use soap and warm water to clean the dirt, dust and other materials which may adhere to the surface of the metal.  When looking for a suitable cleaning and scouring fabric to use for the door, go for materials that are ideal for cleaning stainless steel. Avoid coarse, abrasive powders, silver and brass cleaners and also metallic scrubbers. 

Stain removal

The method that you will employ to remove stains from steel will depend on the stain type. Door handles get a lot of contact during the day and stains are not uncommon. Food, coffee and juice stains can be cleaned using hot and soapy water and a scouring fabric to remove the stain. On the other hand, if it is the fingerprints that are bothering you, use a simple alcohol bases solvent to remove the stains. Grease and oil stains can also be cleaned using warm water and detergent.

Refinishing the handles

If you want the pull handles to maintain their sheen for a long time without suffering the effects of weather and corrosion, you have to keep polishing and refinishing the handles from time to time. If the handles are too tarnished for the regular vanish, you could decide to paint over the final coat. Grey and metallic colours are a creative way to maintain the look of the handle while protecting it from further tarnishing and corrosion. 

These are all care and maintenance tips which will give you an easy time dealing with your pull handles. It is also advisable to keep checking the joints and pulling mechanisms that control the door to ensure that they stay firmly attached to the door. When stainless steel pull handles are handled with care, they can serve you for years without the need for replacement. For expert care and maintenance, always consult lock and safe installation and replacement experts as they know how best to handle the pull handles.