Relocating – The Real Issues That Movers Face
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Relocating – The Real Issues That Movers Face

Buying, selling, renting and relocating – I've done it all many times over. Because I had one of those careers which meant I had to move every few years, I've lived in nearly every state in Australia more than once. Now retired and settled down, I blog about real estate and the real issues that anyone who is moving comes up against. Full of advice, my blog takes a look at relocating from the point of view of the mover and tries to offer as many insights from my past experiences dealing with lawyers, estate agents, removals firms and other house buyers as possible! Read on if you're moving or thinking about doing so.


Relocating – The Real Issues That Movers Face

How To Choose A Real Estate Agent

Eduardo Parker

A real estate agent should be your first call when you intend to sell your property. Finding the right-fit agent can be a challenging task, given that you have to choose between hundreds of agents. So, what should you look out for when hiring a real estate agent? Below are some vital tips. 

Agent's Credentials

Your real estate agent must demonstrate that they have the experience, expertise and accreditations required to close property deals. For instance, they should have an operating licence and professional indemnity insurance. Consider agents who take time to advance their skills. For example, some agents enrol in continuous professional development (CPD) courses. Agents recognised by international bodies or those with awards from professional associations and real estate magazines are likely to offer high-quality services. 

Listing Terms 

Your real estate agent should offer a wide range of listing options. Open listings are an arrangement where any agent, including the owner, can sell the property. The agent who closes the deal first gets a commission. The advantage of this arrangement is that you can quickly find a buyer for your property. However, you might have to deal with numerous agents who are interested in the property. 

In an exclusive listing, one agent has the exclusive rights to sell the property. However, you do not pay the agent if they do not find a buyer. The benefit of this arrangement is that the agent is motivated to sell the property since they will get a commission on the sale. Nevertheless, you cannot opt out of the deal if you have second thoughts about the agent after signing the engagement contract. Therefore, always conduct your due diligence before signing this contract. 

Personal Attributes And Services 

Your first meeting with the agent can give intricate details about their attributes. For example, you can quickly assess the agent's communication skills and temperament. Besides, make inquiries about how they intend to sell your property. For instance, how will they advertise? Do they have interested buyers? How can you make the property attractive to buyers? What is the best time to list the property? What documents will you need? How will the agent stage the property and hold open houses? How will the agent filter the buyers? These questions are a sure way to tell if the agent has what it takes to sell the property. 

Pricing Policy 

Real estate agents will either charge a commission or a fixed charge. Do not hire an agent solely based on their pricing. Instead, evaluate their pricing against the quality of services they offer. For example, reputable agents might charge more, but they can sell your property for a significant amount and get a buyer within a few days. Besides, they offer a wide range of personalised services that help ease the transaction. 

When hiring a real estate agent, examine their credentials, listing terms, personal attributes, and pricing policy. Contact a real estate agency like Ray White Batemans Bay to learn more.