Relocating – The Real Issues That Movers Face
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Relocating – The Real Issues That Movers Face

Buying, selling, renting and relocating – I've done it all many times over. Because I had one of those careers which meant I had to move every few years, I've lived in nearly every state in Australia more than once. Now retired and settled down, I blog about real estate and the real issues that anyone who is moving comes up against. Full of advice, my blog takes a look at relocating from the point of view of the mover and tries to offer as many insights from my past experiences dealing with lawyers, estate agents, removals firms and other house buyers as possible! Read on if you're moving or thinking about doing so.


Relocating – The Real Issues That Movers Face

Staging Your House: Tips on How to Make Your Home an Attractive Buy

Eduardo Parker

Are you a homeowner? Do you want to put your house up for sale? There are lots of things you will have to do to prepare the property for a successful sale. This includes staging it well. Opening your home to potential buyers for scrutiny can be a bit disheartening because strangers will be poking around and forming opinions about the place you still call home. So, it's important to put up a good show. 

Here's what to do to create positive impressions on potential buyers, thus increasing your chances of selling a property quickly and getting paid top dollar for it. 

Keep your house squeaky clean – always

If you're are serious about selling your house, you should be able to let shoppers see it on short notice. In this regard, keeping your place clean and tidy at all times is crucial. In fact, you should aim to tidy up so well that it appears nobody actually lives in the house. Keep the floors, windows, sinks, kitchen counters, toilet, bathroom, and other areas of your abode spick and span to create a truly homely atmosphere.

Get rid of clutter

You're already contemplating moving out soon, so why not free your living space of stuff you won't need while you're trying to sell your house. Check every room, removing things you don't use frequently. You will want to show shoppers that your home has plenty of storage, so pay extra attention to counters, benchtops, closets, cabinetry, wall-mounted hangers, and other storage areas in the home. Show off your home's storage space, not your belongings. 

Remove personal items

Personal items like graduation photos, décor and hunting trophies give a personal touch to your home. If these items remain on display, prospective buyers may feel like they are intruding someone else's space when they come to see your place. Hence, your house might not feel homely to them. Before you can start letting prospective buyers see your house, take a run through it and do away with items that make your house look and feel personalised.   

Make necessary repairs

Repainting rooms, caulking windows, replacing broken windows and door handles, and sanding and polishing hardwood floors are some examples of minor repairs that can go a long way in creating a transformative effect on your home. Look around your home to find out what needs to be done to improve functionality as well as the look and feel of your home.

Ensuring your home is always "show-ready" should be easier with these tips. But if you don't have the time to stage your home on your own, consider hiring a professional home stager.